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Glimpse of Projects Completed

Online Catalogs, Shopping Cart, Database Development, Forum/Chat, System Evaluation, Payment System, Security Consultation, Technical Support and Maintenance.

Internet B2C solution

  1.   www.logincalcutta.com is a web e-business portal with on-line shopping. The portal is content rich for travel, real-estate, food, kids. It also provides free features like chat, email, e-cards, e-callender etc.
  2. The portal uses Windows NT-IIS platform, and is developed with Visual InterDev, ASP, Visual Basic, SQL Server, Java, Java Script, HTML/DHTML, MS-Access, Adobe Photoshop and Flash. The chat and email components have been developed in-house.
  3.  www.westbengal.com is a portal owned and operated by EarthBase. This portal has the distinction of being the official site of West Bengal State of India.
  4. This large site features world class graphics, animation, Java programs, SSI, CGI, PERL scripts and more. A visit to this site will show you that we use technology not to show off or to overwhelm people, but to add value to content. This was also the first site in the world to publish news in Bengali script.

Web Designing

  • InfoDyne Software & Consulting Inc.  
    This web site was made for InfoDyne Software & Consulting a fast growing software consulting organization headquartered in Sunnyvale, California.
  • BirlaSoft Inc.
    This site of one of the large software consultancy companies in USA/India has public and private areas, and employs many custom cgi features.
  • Genisys Software
  • This is a web site for Genisys Software, member of Genisys Group, an established U.K. company which offers 'offshore' application software development facility and has its Development Centre in Bangalore. The company works on projects for customers worldwide has an excellent Growth Record .
  • Department of Culture, Government of India
    An exhaustive site about the rich cultural heritage of India, the site has detailed information about the functions of the department of culture in the spread of culture in the country. The site uses development tools and technologies like ASP, Visual InterDev, FrontPage 2000, MS-Access 97, SQL Server, HTML/DHTML, Java, Java Script, Remote Scripting, Windows Scriptlets and Adobe Photoshop. Complete with wonderful graphics, chat, search and message board facilities the site has been completed in a record time and has been praised by one and all.
  • National Council of Science Museums
    An extremely informative site, this features information on the science museums in India, science parks and centres that NCSM has under it's domain. The site also has details on the infrastructure and activities of NCSM. This Institute also has a link in www.indiaculture.org
  • National Gallery of Modern Arts
    This is a web site of the National Gallery of Modern Arts, the only one of it's kind in India. The site has information regarding the infrastructure, events and activities of the institute. The site also has a featuring gallery. This Institute also has a link in www.indiaculture.org
  • Sri Aurobindo Institute of Culture This web site was created for the Sri Aurobindo Institute of Culture, Calcutta. Aesthetically superb, this site has information on the activities of the institute like: Educational, Cultural, Production, Library, Organization etc.
  • Tea Board of India The web site for the Tea Board of India, contains information about Indian tea, various brands, tips on making a perfect cup of tea and a tea merchant directory.
  • Jute Manufacturers Development Council This web site lets you explore the magical world of Jute - the Golden Fiber, the exclusive jute products, suppliers from India and contact details.
  • Suraksha Diagnostic Centre This is a web site for Suraksha, the leading growing Diagnostic chain in Eastern India. The site also features Miracles Infertility & Genetic Research Ltd., a new company formed to provide state-of -the-art technology in the fields of Infertility and Genetics.
  • B M Birla Heart Research Centre This web site was created for the premier heart research centre of India. Unlike other designers who link to external sites to get their web counter, the graphical counter used on the front is generated on the site itself, so it never says 'busy'.
  • North Central Zone Cultural Center, Government of India: www.nczccindia.org
  • This is a cultural web site that belongs to North Central Zone of India. This site is graphically rich and more or less static. The site uses development tools like Dreamweaver and Adobe PhotoShop.
  • www.greatinternationalsites.com is a newsletter dispatch site. One of the functions of this site it to let the Internet ethnic communities know about websites related to their ethnic community. Technology used is IIS, ASP, SQL Server 6.5 and CDONTS COM component.
  • www.internet-esystems.com is a web site of software Development Company called Internet-E-Systems. This has been developed using HTML/DHTML, JavaScript, Adobe PhotoShop, and Image-Ready.
  • Calcutta Municipal Development Authority: http://earthbaseindia.com/cmda
  • This site provides brief description on the genesis of CMDA, projects on various fields, organizational hierarchy of the same and contact details. The more or less static site is built by using the development tools like Dreamweaver2.0, Adobe PhotoShop and Visual Interdev6.0.

Ongoing Projects

Internet B2B solution

  1. The indianmedics.com portal is a B2B project under development. Itis a Supply Chain Management solution for the Healthcare industry. This portal involves transactions between Medical Service Providers and Suppliers.
  2. A MSP can order for his requirement using the regular Catalogue system, or using the RFQ system, or using his personalized Supplier system. The Seller can provide his services through the Catalogue, or bid for RFQ, or Reverse Auction his products. There is a feedback and valuation system for the Buyer and the Seller. The portal has a 3-tier architecture on Windows NT-IIS platform. It has been developed with Visual InterDev, ASP, Visual Basic, SQL Server, Java, Java Script, HTML/DHTML, MS-Access, Adobe Photoshop and Flash.
  3. The Stock Exchange portal is under development for a start-up company in the Silicon Valley. This Alpha phase of this portal will be on the Internet in Aug 2000.
  4. This portal is being developed using the latest Java technologies like Epicentric, JetSpeed, JSP, Oracle, Linux etc.

Internet B2C solution

  • groovecutter.com is an underground music portal for a North American Client, Groove Cutter, focusing on teenage North Americans as target audience. The site provides facilities of on-line streaming audio from DJ's located at different locations. The user can log in and connect to the music of their choice and start listening. In addition to this, the artist, promoter or producer can upload their music to this site for promotion and sale. The users can review, listen to samples, download and buy music in form of MP3, Vinyl, and CD's. There is a strong concept of e-money over the net where each individual user has an account with Groove Cutter and the e-money is cashed against their credit cards. The site in addition provides garage sale, chat and e-mail as free services. The portal uses Windows NT-IIS platform, and is developed with Visual InterDev, ASP, Visual Basic, SQL Server, Java Script, HTML/DHTML, MS-Access.

Web Designing

  • Sachdeva and Sons Rice Mills Limited This is a web site for Pari Rice, a premium brand of Basmati Rice form the house of Sachdeva and Sons Rice Mill Limited. Sachdeva and Sons are the leading exporters of Basmati Rice from India and Pari is one of their leading brands
  • StoresOnline project is an E-Commerce B2C portal. Besides other standard features the site is going to provide a full-blown facility for online shopping through credit card, purchase order and cash on delivery with high security. The project uses three-tier architecture. The site uses latest Java technologies like JSP, Java Beans, Servlets, Tomcat Web Server, Linux, Oracle 8i, Ewin Connection pool and Village ‘s Assessor Class.
  • State site of Bihar, India:  
  • The site provides various information about the state of Bihar. The site is more or less static and was built using development tools like MS Front Page 2000, Adobe PhotoShop 5.5.
  • State site of Tripura, India:
  • The site provides various information about the state of Tripura. The site is more or less static and was built using development tools like Dreamweaver 2.0, Adobe PhotoShop 5.5.
  • State site of Sikkim, India: 
  • The site provides various information about the state of Sikkim. The site is more or less static and was built using development tools like MS Front Page 2000, Adobe PhotoShop 5.5.
  • Site for The Central Reference Library, New Delhi 
  • This site provides various information (about the activities, publications etc.) of the Central Reference Library, one of whose main objectives was to publish the India's National Bibliography. The site is more or less static and was built using Dreamweaver 2.0, Adobe PhotoShop 5.5.
  • Computer Associates TCG Software (CATS)
  • CATS is the largest software development center for Computer Associates (CA) outside the United States. CA is the world's largest business software company with a portfolio of over 500 products and more than 14,000 employees around the world. We have developed their web site

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