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Our record of success in matching skilled IT professionals with leading companies nationwide is unique in the IT staffing industry. Kaligotla offers a wide range of challenging and rewarding opportunities in engineering, information technology and many other professional areas. Our clear vision and adherence to the highest professional standards have helped us become one of the fastest-growing private companies in the nation. At the same time, these standards have also guided us to becoming a leader in IT staffing.

JAVA Professionals, ORACLE DBAs, Unix Administrators, C/C++ Programmers, MCSE/MCSDs

Software market worldwide is about 600 Billion Dollars, United States is a major developer and consumer of software amounting about 400 Billion dollars besides their software imports they have very recently liberalized their immigration law to issue hi-tech professionals with H1B visas. In the recent trend of immigration Indians constitute about 70000 hi-tech personnel a year out of 75000 worldwide.
Indian software engineers are intelligent talented and understand software development process very well and they are very proficient in English language they can communicate properly. A high standard of Indian talent in software market is highly visible.

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Placement for Indian and US residents.

We Are on the lookout for top IT professionals to be placed in US. Are you looking for a high-end job in the US? If yes, then Kaligotla Technologies Ltd is for you - the ultimate hotline to top notch US employers. Our organization is retained as human resource provider to top US corporations throughout USA according to our business policy and to maintain our goodwill we secure right position for the right person. We will provide a list of top IT professionals, who're looking for placements in the US. This list will be accessed by top US companies and consulting firms who want to recruit talented software professionals. Once selected , your resume is sent to respective companies according to their current openings and your interest of work-area.

Successful candidates will be provided the opportunity to work with leading companies at a variety of client sites through out the USA. Qualified candidates are required to possess outstanding software engineering qualification and certifications with minimum two years on job experience.

Timeline for the US placement process

Detail involves short-listing and approving process, sending resume to US, telephonic interview, offer and acceptance, sending documentation to US. filing petition with the Immigration and Naturalization Service, Receiving H-1 B approved documents, Visa stamping, Scheduled departure. The process will take minimum three months from you register and your landing in job-site. You will be provided with work permit, the air ticket, appointment/offer letter and US contact person.


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