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Software Development  

Kaligotla has a pool of experienced programmers who have tried and tested capability to deliver custom made software to address diverse areas of business. Kaligotla specializes in providing high performance software in every reasonable lead time. Among other satisfied clients we are proud to have many of the Government Organisation both in India and Abroad.

To diversify our Software development services we are focusing on the following fields.
Client-server Solutions, Web Solutions, e-Business Solution, ERP Solutions, Networking Solutions, MIS Solutions, GIS Solutions, Multimedia Solutions, CAD/CAM Solutions and Transcription Solutions.

Internet and E-commerce technology has changed the nature of business operations and transactions. Extending your resources, building new ones having the depth in the back office to bring the client to you… Kaligotla delivers. From creating an electronic strategy to integrating legacy and enterprise applications across today's' distributed processing technologies we provide a full range of information technology services to help companies transition to a dynamic electronic enterprise.

When a customer's decision is to outsource the development of a custom software application, Kaligotla offers an array of solutions through our Technology Practice Areas.
In the process of designing a tailored solution, Kaligotla consultants develop detailed specifications base on user needs and technical requirements. Technical architects help determine which environment will best meet the customer's needs: client/server, enterprise solution, Web-based. Recently many Kaligotla Software customers have chosen to deploy Internet-based customer service and e-business applications and have turned to the e-Business Practice.

Streamline delivery. Improve customer service. Enable enterprise integration. Companies around the world are leveraging Internet and e-business strategies to gain a competitive advantage. Putting your company's products and services in the homes and on the desktops of those you need to reach the most, Kaligotla delivers the expertise to develop and execute a complete e-business strategy.

The Kaligotla e-Business Practice is positioned to provide strategic leadership and technical solutions to clients' e-business needs-solutions that improve profitability, enhance customer relationships, and run businesses more efficiently.

In addition to developing world-class e-business solutions, our teams Web-enable strategic applications to improve access, delivery, and integration across existing enterprise systems. Our real-world experience in developing these solutions in the manufacturing, retail and distribution, utilities/communications, health care/pharmaceuticals, finance, banking/insurance, and travel/entertainment industries allows Kaligotla to provide the total solution.
The Internet is an essential business tool due to its ability to distribute critical information to those who need it most -- customers, business partners, suppliers. It impacts your business in profound and exciting new ways:

  • Customer Retention -- Today, both consumer consumers and business customers expect to be able to learn about and purchase your products over the Internet.

  • Product and Service Differentiation -- The Internet can help companies find ways to make their products stand out.

  • Time-to-Market -- In a Web-based world, new applications need to be developed and deployed within incredibly short time frames to respond to competitive threats and serve customers more efficiently.

  • Maintaining Distributed Applications -- Installing and maintaining software for a large, distributed, and mobile work force can be expensive in terms of the total cost of ownership. Internet-based solutions can eliminate much of this cost.

Driven by these business imperatives, exciting new types of Web-based applications are emerging:

  • Customer Self-Service -- Helping customers help themselves increases customer satisfaction and reduces the costs of call centers and support personnel.

  • e-Business -- Efficiently managing communications and transactions among all entities slashes transaction costs, reduces inventory costs, and improves profitability.

  • EDI, VMI/DMI -- Automating procurement, purchase orders, billing, invoicing and statement viewing enhances efficiency.

  • Electronic commerce -- On-line stores with secure transactions and payment over the Web makes consumer and business purchasing more convenient.

  • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) -- Helping different applications, platforms, and databases-including enterprise software applications, legacy systems, custom applications, and proprietary databases-work together provides increased flexibility and valuable data integration.

What are the challenges you will face when developing these next generation Internet solutions? Technology is changing rapidly, project time frames are usually short, and the supply of available talent is limited. Most organizations do not have the resources, time, and recruiting capacity to staff a significant Internet or e-business project.

Using the latest Internet technologies and our proven application development methodologies, Kaligotla helps create enterprise mission-critical applications that are scalable, robust, and reliable. Teaming with you throughout the development life cycle, we provide services that include:

  • Strategic Internet business planning

  • Technical architecture definition

  • Project management

  • Full life cycle Web development

  • Middleware selection/implementation

  • Security model definition/implementation

  • Web access of databases/legacy systems

  • Systems integration and consolidation

Our winning team have extensive knowledge in all leading Internet technologies, including Java programming, application servers, messaging, and database connectivity and administration. We also leverage technical partners when needed to provide the best technical resources possible.

Our consultants can help you establish an e-business strategy, architect your infrastructure, design attractive Web site interfaces, drive traffic to public Web sites, get applications to interact, and help your staff build Internet technology skill sets. Specific Kaligotla e-Business Practice services include:

  • Visioning. Leveraging Internet and e-business solution experience across many industries, we offer insights and strategies that help you understand the unique benefits and challenges of an e-business initiative.

  • Internet Business Strategy. An effective e-business strategy opens the door to reaching more customers, businesses, suppliers, and employees faster and more efficiently than ever before. We leverage our extensive industry and e-business expertise to develop a complete go-to-market strategy to capitalize on your unique business requirements and offerings.

  • Architecture & Planning. Guidance through the critical decisions that ensure your e-business solution is reliable, scalable, and adaptable over time.

  • Design and Development. From concept through implementation, we can either partner with you or assume full responsibility for Web site development and content creation.

  • Network Infrastructure Support. Our experience and resources can help you anticipate the network capacity, security, and reliability issues pivotal to your project success. Our systems engineers can construct an optimum operating environment for your Internet applications.

Web-site Re-engineering Free of cost

We can seamlessly integrate our module with your legacy system. The present look and fill will be face-lifted so that the user will have the same profile. The new technology will be fast and the access to the database will be speedier.

If your company have a annual turnover more than 250000$ (USD) we can do the re-engineering of your web-site free of cost. If you like it you can use it with out any business and financial obligation.

GIS (Geographical Information System)

Usability. Accuracy. Efficiency. Organizations around the world are reaping significant benefits by capitalizing on spatial technology solutions. Providing an added dimension to traditional information technology, Geographic Information Systems introduce the power of spatial representation to help solve today's business challenges. Whether your business problem is based upon a facility, a piece of equipment, a product, a piece of earth, a statistic, or all of the above, GIS technology enables the geographical management of your information resources to gain a competitive advantage.

The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Solutions Practice is positioned to provide strategic leadership and technical solutions to our clients' needs -- solutions that improve profitability, enhance customer relationships, and run businesses more efficiently.

Our approach to the development of world-class GIS solutions ranges from implementation studies to complete implementation services, fully integrated with your existing enterprise information systems. Our real-world experience in developing these solutions in the energy, environmental, utility, telecommunications, municipality, public safety/emergency 911, and transportation sectors allows Kaligotla to provide the total solution... not just a part of it.

The Business Challenge

Why GIS?

  • Usability of Data. Geographic Information Systems describe complex geographic information in an easy-to-understand way - providing the power to bring incredible intelligence to your enterprise applications.

  • Customer Service. Applications that pinpoint physical locations of business objects can provide customers with faster, more accurate information and deliver higher levels of customer service.

  • Facility Management. Utility companies have large facilities over a vast geography which need real-time management. Property management companies have office space and rental structures that need constant supervision. Communications companies seek to maximize their facilities to reach the greatest number of customers. Any situation that requires effectively managed critical assets and resources is an opportunity for GIS technology.

  • Data Analysis. Governmental organizations and city planners are looking to find new ways to manage land and public facilities more efficiently. Contractors want to design a road or public access to optimize variables such as rights-of-way and topography. By looking at information graphically, new options and ideas come to life faster.

  • Decision-Making. Increasing communications across your organization. Collecting information in a central database that can be used by various departments - from logistics to scheduling to transportation. With GIS, a picture is worth more than 1,000 words

GIS technology is complex, and the development of effective GIS solutions requires skilled professionals dedicated to their field. Rapidly changing technology, project timeframe pressure, and a limited supply of available talent further complicates the delivery of GIS solutions. Organizations need a proven methodology to design, implement and manage these applications.

Using the latest GIS technologies, our proven application development methodologies, and our cross-industry experience, the GIS Solutions Practice creates high impact, mission-critical applications that are scalable, robust, and reliable. Teaming with you throughout the development life cycle, we provide services that include:

  • Strategy development

  • Needs assessment/Requirements definition

  • Product evaluation

  • System design and architecture definition

  • Application development

  • Enterprise GIS integration

  • Lifecycle management

  • Training

Our consultants, planners and engineers have extensive knowledge in the leading technologies we are uniquely qualified to provide platform-independent recommendations and comprehensive, integrated solutions.

We have industry-specific focus groups within the GIS Solutions Practice that understand the unique requirements of Geographic Information Systems. Each focus group is lead by an IT/GIS professional with specific industry subject matter expertise.

GIS Solutions Practice services include:

  • User Needs Assessment. Interviews are designed and conducted to identify the needs of end-users. These needs can be summarized, describing each data set in the organization along with the creation, maintenance, access, and analysis activities for each user group in the organization.

  • System Specification Development. An efficient, cost-effective solution is designed to meet your GIS needs. Consideration is given to all aspects of implementation including hardware, software, network, data, and procedures.

  • Application Development. Consultants will design, develop, and implement user applications of all types. GIS applications require both client and server perspectives. Our consultants utilize the latest development tools (Visual Basic, C++, Java, etc.) in addition to proprietary GIS development languages. Integration with the enterprise is a key to success.

  • Database Design. We are experienced in the design of geographic data layers and related tables required as a foundation of any GIS effort. The tables can be maintained in proprietary formats, or through a number of third party relational database products. The integrity rules governing the consistency between information in the DBMS and the geographic coverage are identified in this task. Objectives for application modules necessary to support the various user views of the database are also defined at this time to allow incorporation of dependent attribute fields into the data model.

  • Data Conversion Methodologies and Instruction. Consultants are experienced in the development of data conversion methodologies to assist clients in the transfer of data from any source into their GIS platform. We can integrate data into the GIS from proprietary and standard formats as well as commercially available data sets.

  • End User Support Services. We will provide GIS consultants to work with your end users as support personnel. This includes hot line support, one-on-one interaction, and user training to help clients solve their problems.

Our support of a wide variety of disciplines, from system administration to database administration and other general development skills all help to ensure the successful implementation of your GIS solution. As well, our breadth of industry expertise minimizes the amount of time we need in order to fully comprehend your operations and systems. Not only does this assure a successful project, but also represents a substantial cost savings.

Glimpse of  Projects

Online Catalogs, Shopping Cart, Database Development, Forum/Chat, System Evaluation, Payment System, Security Consultation, Technical Support and Maintenance.

Internet B2C solution

  1.  www.copelandfurniture.com is a web e-business portal with on-line shopping. The portal is content rich for furniture. It even searches nearest showroom according to  The portal uses Windows NT-IIS platform, and is developed with Visual InterDev, ASP, Visual Basic, SQL Server, Java, Java Script, HTML/DHTML, MS-Access, Adobe Photoshop and Flash. The chat and email components have been developed in-house.

  2. www.jananivoluntary.org Janani Voluntary Organisation's mission to achieve sustainable advances in health care around the world by implementing health education programs, conducting health policy research, and providing humanitarian assistance in areas of need; thereby contributing to human dignity, promoting international understanding, and enhancing social and economic development. The essence of Janani Voluntary Organisation is teaching; the basis is partnership.

  3. WinsRecruiter relates to online test for a particular organization. It provides a series of steps to create question form. Once the package is activated on the server users can connect from any where to the server and can write test. The form provides a set of questions with multiple, fill up and a descriptive question with time runs at the top of the form, user can jump to any question-to-question. The results can displayed immediately to the users from sever. The Person’s answer sheet along with the questions will be dumped into a database.

  4. Auto portal is Web based prototype developed for computerizing the automobile sales and services for automobile dealers. Functionality includes allowing users to browse the available used and new cars at various show rooms in the city based on the search criteria. Preparation of sales bills for vehicles, Preparation of service bills for customers and generation of important reports like monthly model wise sales of vehicles. This is designed based on 3-tier architecture allowing client to communicate with Servlets residing at server side. Designed to address the specific challenges of retail dealer facilities to effectively collaborate and synchronize activities.

  5. E-Sales and Distribution can be implemented by any typical manufacturing and distribution company, Pharmacy, Foods etc to stream line the wholesales ordering and distribution process, along with inventory control and management at stockiest, carrying and forwarding agent and plant level. The system also has an Internet relay chat based call center to enable business dealings. The System also has an excellent report engine for getting data in any level and at any combinational level like user wise or product wise, all reports are available in tabular and graphical formats, pie charts etc. Administration of the system or any modifications, deletion and altering with the commercial information on the system can be done by the client himself through the backend administration section given for the purpose, without recourse to the software company.


Client server Solution

  • Hospital Management Project

  • This is a total Integrated Hospital Management software, which gives a ready access to health and administration records so as to provide a whole process of healthcare management to control quality and cost of the care to the finest level. This product is suitable for computerizing the patient data of any Hospital having any bed capacity with indoor facility, stores, laboratory and wards etc. For all such requirements, we have designed modular versions, which will suit the individual needs. The software includes complete financial accounting as well as inventory system.


  • Blood Bank System

    Blood Bank System provides a simple solution to the Complex Blood Bank Functions. It makes easy and simpler the following areas: Donor Registration, Screening, Component Preparation, Cross Matching, Issue of Blood and Inventory Management. Easy retrieval of the Information once stored. High level of scalability ensures quick upgrades. Generation of statutory and MIS reports is also a part of the Blood Bank System


  • Office Management System

    It contains four different modules namely Asset management, work Accounts, Pay Roll, financial Accounts.

    Asset management deals with the Assets having namely Current Assets and Fixed Assets. Module is useful to know the information about acquired land, developing and developed lands, soled assets and ready for sale assets. Work Accounts deals with the expenditure and collection and to develop an industry by giving the infrastructure like water facility, power supply, roads etc..

    Pay Roll management gives the information about the employs, their earnings and deductions based on their basic salary, loan and recovery information, Provident Fund of the Organisation employees.

    Financial Accounts module is important one for the navigation of the Corporation. Provides the total Accounts information like Balance sheet, Profit and Loss, Ledger And Trial Balance. User Administration module deals with Users. Administrator can create the users of the system and check the logs of the user, has the ability to authorize the other users of the system with admin privilege and he can also see the details of the user who modifies the database.


  • Accounting management system

    The Basic aim of this project is to fulfill Accounting needs of a company, which includes the features of creation, alter and delete of a company, creation of Ledger Accounts and alter the Accounts, Maintaining of Bank, Cash and Journal Transactions. Preparation of Trail Balance for a particular period, preparation of Profit and Loss Account for a financial year, Preparation of Balance Sheet. Backup and Restore facility is also given for whole data. User has to create particular Accounts and entering the transaction, that are made by company. Package automatically creates Trail Balance, Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet. When user delete the company it automatically stores all the Transaction in Backup file which were made by the company these Transaction can be retrieved by using Company Restore functionality. In This product we rectified so many errors, which were in earlier Accounting Packages.


  • Document Management System

    A Clinical Organization will generate lot of electronic documents. During the work process, a large number of paper documentations will happen related to hospital, laboratory, or procedure document etc. All these documents might relate to particular patient or could be for entire clinic. These documents might be received through fax or mail or they might be scanned documents.Document management system handles the storage of several documents that are generated by different groups.


  • Material Management System

    The process of System starts from receiving requisition forms for materials and submitting the request to the budget sector. After approval it is sent to MMG (Material Management Group), MMG is responsible for calling quotations and checking the quality of the materials according to the specifications from authorized vendors. Once the material is supplied then corresponding data is updated in database from which reports are generated using Crystal Reports online tool. The main modules of the system are Master Transaction, Requisition, Purchase order, Delivery Scheduling, Billing of materials and Inventory Reporting.


  • Banking Solutions

  • The project involved analysis, conversion and new technology implementation of legacy software into new Windows-Relational Database Management System. The software involved in the process were VC++ (for data migration mapping flat files to relational database tables), MS-SQL Server 7.0 for backend database management system, Visual Basic as application front end and MS-Access as report tool in a Client/Server environment accommodating technologies like COM, DCOM and ActiveX. . The development environment spanned across 3 locatio interconnected through VPN and source code control with Visual SourceSafe

  • Multi Access Insurance Integration System

  • This project involves in developing a web-based application, to manage various activities involved in an automobile insurance company. The system acts as an interface between Customers, agents and the Insurance Company. It has various modules like Quote system, Policy Issue, Claims Management, Policy Renewals, Policy Endorsement, Policy Cancellation, Agent Management and Security. Quote allows online customers to get quotation for auto insurance. Claims management allows customers to monitor the claims online. Agent management system keeps track of agent needs. Policy issue allows agents and various departments to enter customer information considering business rules and then it issue the policy. It is developed as an n-tier Client-Server System allowing the client programs to communicate with the Servlets residing on server using EJB and object-serialization concepts using MVC pattern.

  • Intranet Mailing Sytem

  • The project consist of 7 modules. Login module allows the user to enter into their login area and check the messages. Signup module enables the employee to create his/her id. Compose module enables the user to send messages to other users. Address Book module enables the user to store the ids of the neighboring employee's. Group Module enables to make groups of the ids to which same messages must be sent frequently. Sign out Module enables to come out of the user's login area. Help Module enables the user to know about the current module. This project has the messenger feature also.

  • Tappal monitoring system

  • This project contains the information about Organisation  meetings of the Chief Executives,  where the action is initiated , completed  and pending . Meeting schedules , dates alters with pop up about the meeting , reminders of appointments List of items to do.  Reports: Tappal received ,dispatched and pending. Incoming file and what are the files pending. Meeting  schedules


    Nothing changes like change. Change and technology have today become synonymous. We, at Kaligotla have always been at sync with change. Our dedicated team of software professionals understands technology the way it is meant to be. Technology is the way we prosper and technology is what is going to take us to the pinnacle of Software Development.

    Our focuses at the moment are on following technologies

      1. Internet, E-Commerce and Web Development Technologies

      2. Client/Server Technologies

      3. Streaming Audio/Video and Multimedia Presentations

      4. D-Com Technologies

    Internet Technologies

    There are two prime parallel Internet technologies in the world today. Microsoft technology (IIS and ASP) being one and Sun's Java Technology being the other. Most of the new web applications in the world today are embracing either of the technologies. The decision involves system requirements, business rules, data volume etc.

    We have been using both these technologies for different projects.

    Microsoft Technology

    We have extensive expertise in ASP, IIS, SQL Server, MTS, COM, and DCOM. We have hosted one of our most ambitious portals for e-commerce. All these technologies have been extensively for this purpose.


    We have extensive expertise in JSP, Servlets, Java Beans, EJB, Java Web Server, Web Sphere, Weblogic  with Oracle as the backend on Linux or NT. We are working with JetSpeed, which is an open source Java package to develop e-commerce solutions.


    Online Catalogs, Shopping Cart, Database Development, Forum/Chat, System Evaluation Payment System Selection/Implementation, Security Consultation, Technical Support and Maintenance.

    Web Development

    Information Architecture, Database Design/Integration, Commerce Applications, Data Management Systems, Customized Applications, Security and Firewall Application, Client Server Services, Statistical Reporting, Maintenance, Graphic Design, Content Development.

    Client/Server Technology

    Typically, in a client/server environment there are a group of computers connected with a network to a database server. The database server has one relational database and the clients have applications written in different softwares connecting them to the database server, allowing them to operate on the data depending on their user permissions. When one develops an application on Client/Server environment one has to bear in mind that the system performance must not go down with the increased number of users. There may be users working on different platform, different software clients, however connected with the same access to the database. The software can be broken down over and spanned across different machines with their access privileges and functionalities.

    We have in the past taken up projects in Client/Server environments and have proved that we are capable of carrying them out efficiently within tight deadlines.

    Streaming Audio/Video and Multimedia Presentations

    Streaming technology, also known as streaming media, lets a user view and hear digitized content - video, sound and animation as it is being downloaded. Streamed sound and images usually appear via a World Wide Web browser plug-in within seconds of a user's click.

    We have mastered the art of streaming media. This coupled with our expertise in Multimedia softwares like Flash, Director, Adobe Photoshop enables us to create powerful and interactive web pages

    D-COM Technology

    Distributed and component based business modeling is the call of the day today. Irrespective of whether we are using Java or ASP, we have focussed strongly on distributed computing and object modeling. Component Transaction Monitoring (CTM), connection pooling, resource planning are given strong emphasis as these factors become critical as you go out to do serious business on the web. Performance, scalability, security are the factors you want your system to be conversant with.
    In addition we use base technologies like DHTML, XML, JavaScript, VBScript and mailing protocols like POP3 and SMTP. We have also ventured into the area of e-mail. Our business portal has one it's first implementations.

    Hardware and software resources



    1.64kbps lease line from vsnl

    2.ISDN modem

    3.CISCO Router

    4.IIS server on a high end NT server


    Server Configuration

    Processor P-IV

    Ram 512Mb

    HDD 4GB



    1.100mbps Ethernet hub

    2. NT sever (PDC)

    Server Configuration

    Processor P-IV

    Ram - 512Mb

    HDD 80GB


    3. IIS Internet Server

    Server Configuration

    Dual Processor- P-IV

    Ram 1GB

    HDD 80GB

    4. SQL server

    Server Configuration

    Processor P-IV

    Ram 512 MB

    HDD 80GB

    5. APACHE-TOMCAT web server on Linux

    Server Configuration

    Processor P-III


    HDD 40GB

    6. Backup Server for backup purpose

    Server Configuration

    Processor P-IV

    Ram 512Mb

    HDD 8GB

    7. SourceSafe on NT

    Server Configuration

    Processor P-IV

    Ram 512Mb

    HDD 80GB

    NO. OF MACHINES - 60


              OPERATING SYSTEM

    1. Windows 95

    2. Windows NT Workstation

    3. Back office Server4.5

    4. Red Hat Linux 6.0


    6. Macromedia Freehand

    7. Macromedia Director 7

    8. Macromedia Flash4

    9. Adobe premiere 5.0

    10. Adobe After Effects

    11. Adobe Publishing Suite

    12. Corel Draw Suite 9.0

    13. MS- FrontPage 2000

    14. 3D Studio Max

    15. Plug-In-Partners for 3D Studio


    17. Visual Studio-6

    18. MS-Office 97 Developer Edition

    19. MS-Office 97 Professional Edition

    20. Wise Install Maker

    21. Borland Delphi for Windows

    22. MS VJ++ Tech Preview

    23. DATABASE

    24. SQL Server 7.0

    25. Oracle 8i

    26. MySQL

    27. MS-Access

    Manpower Profile

    Man Years of Experience
    Total Personnel
    Java    7     7
    ASP  13   12
    Linux    2     2
    Unix    3     2
    NT 14    6
    Oracle    2     2
    SQL  26   13
    Access 18     9
    PERL-CGI   1    1
    VB 24   12
    VB Script 11    9
    Java Script 11  10
    HTML/DHTML 14  10
    C, C++     6     5
    COBOL    2    3
    COM  11    7
    DCOM      5     3
    Active-X     8    5
    DB2     5    2
    DOS       3
    Windows   10    3


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