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Our Management Team











Nothing changes like change. Change and technology have today become synonymous. We  have always been at sync with change. Our dedicated team of software professionals understands technology the way it is meant to be. Technology is the way we prosper and technology is what is going to take us to the pinnacle of Software Development.

Our focuses at the moment are on three technologies

    1. Internet, E-Commerce and Web Development Technologies
    2. Client/Server Technologies
    3. Streaming Audio/Video and Multimedia Presentations
    4. D-Com Technologies

Internet Technologies

There are two prime parallel Internet technologies in the world today. Microsoft technology (IIS and ASP) being one and Sun's Java Technology being the other. Most of the new web applications in the world today are embracing either of the technologies. The decision involves system requirements, business rules, data volume etc.

We have been using both these technologies for different projects.

Microsoft Technology

We have extensive expertise in ASP, IIS, SQL Server, MTS, COM, and DCOM. We have hosted one of our most ambitious portals for e-commerce. All these technologies have been extensively for this purpose.


We have extensive expertise in JSP, Servlets, Java Beans, EJB, Weblogic, Websphere, Java Web Server with Oracle as the backend on Linux or NT. We are working with JetSpeed, which is an open source Java package to develop e-commerce solutions.


Online Catalogs, Shopping Cart, Database Development, Forum/Chat, System Evaluation Payment System Selection/Implementation, Security Consultation, Technical Support and Maintenance.

Web Development

Information Architecture, Database Design/Integration, Commerce Applications, Data Management Systems, Customized Applications, Security and Firewall Application, Client Server Services, Statistical Reporting, Maintenance, Graphic Design, Content Development.

Client/Server Technology

Typically, in a client/server environment there are a group of computers connected with a network to a database server. The database server has one relational database and the clients have applications written in different software connecting them to the database server, allowing them to operate on the data depending on their user permissions. When one develops an application on Client/Server environment one has to bear in mind that the system performance must not go down with the increased number of users. There may be users working on different platform, different software clients, however connected with the same access to the database. The software can be broken down over and spanned across different machines with their access privileges and functionalities.

We have in the past taken up projects in Client/Server environments and have proved that we are capable of carrying them out efficiently within tight deadlines.

Streaming Audio/Video and Multimedia Presentations

Streaming technology, also known as streaming media, lets a user view and hear digitized content - video, sound and animation as it is being downloaded. Streamed sound and images usually appear via a World Wide Web browser plug-in within seconds of a user's click.

We have mastered the art of streaming media. This coupled with our expertise in Multimedia softwares like Flash, Director, Adobe Photoshop enables us to create powerful and interactive web pages

D-COM Technology

Distributed and component based business modeling is the call of the day today. Irrespective of whether we are using Java or ASP, we have focused strongly on distributed computing and object modeling. Component Transaction Monitoring (CTM), connection pooling, resource planning are given strong emphasis as these factors become critical as you go out to do serious business on the web. Performance, scalability, security are the factors you want your system to be conversant with.

In addition we use base technologies like DHTML, XML, JavaScript, VBScript and mailing protocols like POP3 and SMTP. We have also ventured into the area of e-mail. Our business portal has one it's first implementations.

Manpower Profile

Man Years of Experience
Total Personnel
Java    7     7
ASP  13   12
Linux    2     2
Unix    3     2
NT 14    6
Oracle    2     2
SQL  26   13
Access 18     9
PERL-CGI   1    1
VB 24   12
VB Script 11    9
Java Script 11  10
C, C++     6     5
COBOL    2    3
COM  11    7
DCOM      5     3
Active-X     8    5
DB2     5    2
DOS       3
Windows   10    3

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