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Internet B2C solution

  1.  www.copelandfurniture.com is a web e-business portal with on-line shopping. The portal is content rich for furniture. It even searches nearest showroom according to  The portal uses Windows NT-IIS platform, and is developed with Visual InterDev, ASP, Visual Basic, SQL Server, Java, Java Script, HTML/DHTML, MS-Access, Adobe Photoshop and Flash. The chat and email components have been developed in-house.

  2. www.jananivoluntary.org Janani Voluntary Organisation's mission to achieve sustainable advances in health care around the world by implementing health education programs, conducting health policy research, and providing humanitarian assistance in areas of need; thereby contributing to human dignity, promoting international understanding, and enhancing social and economic development. The essence of Janani Voluntary Organisation is teaching; the basis is partnership.

  3. WinsRecruiter relates to online test for a particular organization. It provides a series of steps to create question form. Once the package is activated on the server users can connect from any where to the server and can write test. The form provides a set of questions with multiple, fill up and a descriptive question with time runs at the top of the form, user can jump to any question-to-question. The results can displayed immediately to the users from sever. The Person’s answer sheet along with the questions will be dumped into a database.

  4. Auto portal is Web based prototype developed for computerizing the automobile sales and services for automobile dealers. Functionality includes allowing users to browse the available used and new cars at various show rooms in the city based on the search criteria. Preparation of sales bills for vehicles, Preparation of service bills for customers and generation of important reports like monthly model wise sales of vehicles. This is designed based on 3-tier architecture allowing client to communicate with Servlets residing at server side. Designed to address the specific challenges of retail dealer facilities to effectively collaborate and synchronize activities.

  5. E-Sales and Distribution can be implemented by any typical manufacturing and distribution company, Pharmacy, Foods etc to stream line the wholesales ordering and distribution process, along with inventory control and management at stockiest, carrying and forwarding agent and plant level. The system also has an Internet relay chat based call center to enable business dealings. The System also has an excellent report engine for getting data in any level and at any combinational level like user wise or product wise, all reports are available in tabular and graphical formats, pie charts etc. Administration of the system or any modifications, deletion and altering with the commercial information on the system can be done by the client himself through the backend administration section given for the purpose, without recourse to the software company.


Client server Solution

  • Hospital Management Project

  • This is a total Integrated Hospital Management software, which gives a ready access to health and administration records so as to provide a whole process of healthcare management to control quality and cost of the care to the finest level. This product is suitable for computerizing the patient data of any Hospital having any bed capacity with indoor facility, stores, laboratory and wards etc. For all such requirements, we have designed modular versions, which will suit the individual needs. The software includes complete financial accounting as well as inventory system.


  • Blood Bank System

    Blood Bank System provides a simple solution to the Complex Blood Bank Functions. It makes easy and simpler the following areas: Donor Registration, Screening, Component Preparation, Cross Matching, Issue of Blood and Inventory Management. Easy retrieval of the Information once stored. High level of scalability ensures quick upgrades. Generation of statutory and MIS reports is also a part of the Blood Bank System


  • Office Management System

    It contains four different modules namely Asset management, work Accounts, Pay Roll, financial Accounts.

    Asset management deals with the Assets having namely Current Assets and Fixed Assets. Module is useful to know the information about acquired land, developing and developed lands, soled assets and ready for sale assets. Work Accounts deals with the expenditure and collection and to develop an industry by giving the infrastructure like water facility, power supply, roads etc..

    Pay Roll management gives the information about the employs, their earnings and deductions based on their basic salary, loan and recovery information, Provident Fund of the Organisation employees.

    Financial Accounts module is important one for the navigation of the Corporation. Provides the total Accounts information like Balance sheet, Profit and Loss, Ledger And Trial Balance. User Administration module deals with Users. Administrator can create the users of the system and check the logs of the user, has the ability to authorize the other users of the system with admin privilege and he can also see the details of the user who modifies the database.


  • Accounting management system

    The Basic aim of this project is to fulfill Accounting needs of a company, which includes the features of creation, alter and delete of a company, creation of Ledger Accounts and alter the Accounts, Maintaining of Bank, Cash and Journal Transactions. Preparation of Trail Balance for a particular period, preparation of Profit and Loss Account for a financial year, Preparation of Balance Sheet. Backup and Restore facility is also given for whole data. User has to create particular Accounts and entering the transaction, that are made by company. Package automatically creates Trail Balance, Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet. When user delete the company it automatically stores all the Transaction in Backup file which were made by the company these Transaction can be retrieved by using Company Restore functionality. In This product we rectified so many errors, which were in earlier Accounting Packages.


  • Document Management System

    A Clinical Organization will generate lot of electronic documents. During the work process, a large number of paper documentations will happen related to hospital, laboratory, or procedure document etc. All these documents might relate to particular patient or could be for entire clinic. These documents might be received through fax or mail or they might be scanned documents.Document management system handles the storage of several documents that are generated by different groups.


  • Material Management System

    The process of System starts from receiving requisition forms for materials and submitting the request to the budget sector. After approval it is sent to MMG (Material Management Group), MMG is responsible for calling quotations and checking the quality of the materials according to the specifications from authorized vendors. Once the material is supplied then corresponding data is updated in database from which reports are generated using Crystal Reports online tool. The main modules of the system are Master Transaction, Requisition, Purchase order, Delivery Scheduling, Billing of materials and Inventory Reporting.


  • Banking Solutions

  • The project involved analysis, conversion and new technology implementation of legacy software into new Windows-Relational Database Management System. The software involved in the process were VC++ (for data migration mapping flat files to relational database tables), MS-SQL Server 7.0 for backend database management system, Visual Basic as application front end and MS-Access as report tool in a Client/Server environment accommodating technologies like COM, DCOM and ActiveX. . The development environment spanned across 3 locatio interconnected through VPN and source code control with Visual SourceSafe

  • Multi Access Insurance Integration System

  • This project involves in developing a web-based application, to manage various activities involved in an automobile insurance company. The system acts as an interface between Customers, agents and the Insurance Company. It has various modules like Quote system, Policy Issue, Claims Management, Policy Renewals, Policy Endorsement, Policy Cancellation, Agent Management and Security. Quote allows online customers to get quotation for auto insurance. Claims management allows customers to monitor the claims online. Agent management system keeps track of agent needs. Policy issue allows agents and various departments to enter customer information considering business rules and then it issue the policy. It is developed as an n-tier Client-Server System allowing the client programs to communicate with the Servlets residing on server using EJB and object-serialization concepts using MVC pattern.

  • Intranet Mailing Sytem

  • The project consist of 7 modules. Login module allows the user to enter into their login area and check the messages. Signup module enables the employee to create his/her id. Compose module enables the user to send messages to other users. Address Book module enables the user to store the ids of the neighboring employee's. Group Module enables to make groups of the ids to which same messages must be sent frequently. Sign out Module enables to come out of the user's login area. Help Module enables the user to know about the current module. This project has the messenger feature also.

  • Tappal monitoring system

  • This project contains the information about Organisation  meetings of the Chief Executives,  where the action is initiated , completed  and pending . Meeting schedules , dates alters with pop up about the meeting , reminders of appointments List of items to do.  Reports: Tappal received ,dispatched and pending. Incoming file and what are the files pending. Meeting  schedules

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