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Kaligotla intensifies our customers' business strategy globally. It is about dial-in access, WAN-to-LAN connectivity, security, integration, maintenance, voice and e-commerce solutions. It is about global flows of information, breaking down silos and morphing legacy systems into browser friendly knowledge bases. And it is about taking the first mover's advantage wherever people do business - today, not tomorrow. We can make you world's largest data network in terms of geographic coverage, spanning over the globe and territories with huge number of user connections worldwide. Operating on a single platform using Nortel and Cisco technology, the Network offers a broad range of voice and data solutions to multinationals in a variety of industries. 

As a single integrated global network, services are fully managed from end-to-end. Offered on an unrivaled international scale, these include Global Voice Services, business intranet and Internet solutions, high performance remote access services over local fixed or dial-up lines, and many other Wide Area Network services, such as x.25, SNA, Frame Relay, ATM and iVAD (integrated voice and data service)

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