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Usability. Accuracy. Efficiency. Organizations around the world are reaping significant benefits by capitalizing on spatial technology solutions. Providing an added dimension to traditional information technology, Geographic Information Systems introduce the power of spatial representation to help solve today's business challenges. Whether your business problem is based upon a facility, a piece of equipment, a product, a piece of earth, a statistic, or all of the above, GIS technology enables the geographical management of your information resources to gain a competitive advantage.

The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Solutions Practice is positioned to provide strategic leadership and technical solutions to our clients' needs -- solutions that improve profitability, enhance customer relationships, and run businesses more efficiently.

Our approach to the development of world-class GIS solutions ranges from implementation studies to complete implementation services, fully integrated with your existing enterprise information systems. Our real-world experience in developing these solutions in the energy, environmental, utility, telecommunications, municipality, public safety/emergency 911, and transportation sectors allows Kaligotla to provide the total solution... not just a part of it.

The Business Challenge

Why GIS?

  • Usability of Data. Geographic Information Systems describe complex geographic information in an easy-to-understand way - providing the power to bring incredible intelligence to your enterprise applications.
  • Customer Service. Applications that pinpoint physical locations of business objects can provide customers with faster, more accurate information and deliver higher levels of customer service.
  • Facility Management. Utility companies have large facilities over a vast geography which need real-time management. Property management companies have office space and rental structures that need constant supervision. Communications companies seek to maximize their facilities to reach the greatest number of customers. Any situation that requires effectively managed critical assets and resources is an opportunity for GIS technology.
  • Data Analysis. Governmental organizations and city planners are looking to find new ways to manage land and public facilities more efficiently. Contractors want to design a road or public access to optimize variables such as rights-of-way and topography. By looking at information graphically, new options and ideas come to life faster.
  • Decision-Making. Increasing communications across your organization. Collecting information in a central database that can be used by various departments - from logistics to scheduling to transportation. With GIS, a picture is worth more than 1,000 words

GIS technology is complex, and the development of effective GIS solutions requires skilled professionals dedicated to their field. Rapidly changing technology, project timeframe pressure, and a limited supply of available talent further complicates the delivery of GIS solutions. Organizations need a proven methodology to design, implement and manage these applications.

Using the latest GIS technologies, our proven application development methodologies, and our cross-industry experience, the GIS Solutions Practice creates high impact, mission-critical applications that are scalable, robust, and reliable. Teaming with you throughout the development life cycle, we provide services that include:

  • Strategy development
  • Needs assessment/Requirements definition
  • Product evaluation
  • System design and architecture definition
  • Application development
  • Enterprise GIS integration
  • Lifecycle management
  • Training

Our consultants, planners and engineers have extensive knowledge in the leading technologies we are uniquely qualified to provide platform-independent recommendations and comprehensive, integrated solutions.

We have industry-specific focus groups within the GIS Solutions Practice that understand the unique requirements of Geographic Information Systems. Each focus group is lead by an IT/GIS professional with specific industry subject matter expertise.

GIS Solutions Practice services include:

  • User Needs Assessment. Interviews are designed and conducted to identify the needs of end-users. These needs can be summarized, describing each data set in the organization along with the creation, maintenance, access, and analysis activities for each user group in the organization.
  • System Specification Development. An efficient, cost-effective solution is designed to meet your GIS needs. Consideration is given to all aspects of implementation including hardware, software, network, data, and procedures.
  • Application Development. Consultants will design, develop, and implement user applications of all types. GIS applications require both client and server perspectives. Our consultants utilize the latest development tools (Visual Basic, C++, Java, etc.) in addition to proprietary GIS development languages. Integration with the enterprise is a key to success.
  • Database Design. We are experienced in the design of geographic data layers and related tables required as a foundation of any GIS effort. The tables can be maintained in proprietary formats, or through a number of third party relational database products. The integrity rules governing the consistency between information in the DBMS and the geographic coverage are identified in this task. Objectives for application modules necessary to support the various user views of the database are also defined at this time to allow incorporation of dependent attribute fields into the data model.
  • Data Conversion Methodologies and Instruction. Consultants are experienced in the development of data conversion methodologies to assist clients in the transfer of data from any source into their GIS platform. We can integrate data into the GIS from proprietary and standard formats as well as commercially available data sets.
  • End User Support Services. We will provide GIS consultants to work with your end users as support personnel. This includes hot line support, one-on-one interaction, and user training to help clients solve their problems.

Our support of a wide variety of disciplines, from system administration to database administration and other general development skills all help to ensure the successful implementation of your GIS solution. As well, our breadth of industry expertise minimizes the amount of time we need in order to fully comprehend your operations and systems. Not only does this assure a successful project, but also represents a substantial cost savings.

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