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Kaligotla has a pool of experienced programmers who have tried and tested capability to deliver custom made software to address diverse areas of business. Kaligotla specializes in providing high performance software in every reasonable lead time.
The Kaligotla e-Business Practice is positioned to provide strategic leadership and technical solutions to clients' e-business needs-solutions that improve profitability, enhance customer relationships, and run businesses more efficiently.
In addition to developing world-class e-business solutions, our teams Web-enable strategic applications to improve access, delivery, and integration across existing enterprise systems. Our real-world experience in developing these solutions in the manufacturing, retail and distribution, utilities/communications, health care/pharmaceuticals, finance, banking/insurance, and travel/entertainment industries allows Kaligotla to provide the total solution.
The Internet is an essential business tool due to its ability to distribute critical information to those who need it most -- customers, business partners, suppliers. It impacts your business in profound and exciting new ways: 

  • Customer Retention -- Today, both consumer consumers and business customers expect to be able to learn about and purchase your products over the Internet.
  • Product and Service Differentiation -- The Internet can help companies find ways to make their products stand out.
  • Time-to-Market -- In a Web-based world, new applications need to be developed and deployed within incredibly short time frames to respond to competitive threats and serve customers more efficiently.
  • Maintaining Distributed Applications -- Installing and maintaining software for a large, distributed, and mobile work force can be expensive in terms of the total cost of ownership. Internet-based solutions can eliminate much of this cost.

Driven by these business imperatives, exciting new types of Web-based applications are emerging:

  • Customer Self-Service -- Helping customers help themselves increases customer satisfaction and reduces the costs of call centers and support personnel.
  • e-Business -- Efficiently managing communications and transactions among all entities slashes transaction costs, reduces inventory costs, and improves profitability.
  • EDI, VMI/DMI -- Automating procurement, purchase orders, billing, invoicing and statement viewing enhances efficiency.
  • Electronic commerce -- On-line stores with secure transactions and payment over the Web makes consumer and business purchasing more convenient.
  • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) -- Helping different applications, platforms, and databases-including enterprise software applications, legacy systems, custom applications, and proprietary databases-work together provides increased flexibility and valuable data integration.

What are the challenges you will face when developing these next generation Internet solutions? Technology is changing rapidly, project time frames are usually short, and the supply of available talent is limited. Most organizations do not have the resources, time, and recruiting capacity to staff a significant Internet or e-business project.

Using the latest Internet technologies and our proven application development methodologies, Kaligotla helps create enterprise mission-critical applications that are scalable, robust, and reliable. Teaming with you throughout the development life cycle, we provide services that include:

  • Strategic Internet business planning
  • Technical architecture definition
  • Project management
  • Full life cycle Web development
  • Middleware selection/implementation
  • Security model definition/implementation
  • Web access of databases/legacy systems
  • Systems integration and consolidation

Our winning team have extensive knowledge in all leading Internet technologies, including Java programming, application servers, messaging, and database connectivity and administration. We also leverage technical partners like Earth Base Technologies to provide the best technical resources possible.

Our consultants can help you establish an e-business strategy, architect your infrastructure, design attractive Web site interfaces, drive traffic to public Web sites, get applications to interact, and help your staff build Internet technology skill sets. Specific Indo-American Software e-Business Practice services include:

  • Visioning. Leveraging Internet and e-business solution experience across many industries, we offer insights and strategies that help you understand the unique benefits and challenges of an e-business initiative.
  • Internet Business Strategy. An effective e-business strategy opens the door to reaching more customers, businesses, suppliers, and employees faster and more efficiently than ever before. We leverage our extensive industry and e-business expertise to develop a complete go-to-market strategy to capitalize on your unique business requirements and offerings.
  • Architecture & Planning. Guidance through the critical decisions that ensure your e-business solution is reliable, scalable, and adaptable over time.
  • Design and Development. From concept through implementation, we can either partner with you or assume full responsibility for Web site development and content creation.
  • Network Infrastructure Support. Our experience and resources can help you anticipate the network capacity, security, and reliability issues pivotal to your project success. Our systems engineers can construct an optimum operating environment for your Internet applications.

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